Allard manufactures and develops truly innovative products to provide people with disabilities an opportunity to function better and improve quality of life. Allard USA and Camp Scandinavia are based in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Becker Orthopaedic is a manufacturer of orthopaedic components. The products include cervical, spinal, prefabricated orthoses. Hip and knee joints, torsion and Denis Brown splints and a variety of other products

EMO is an established Spanish Rehabilitation company involves in developing and manufacturing several products such as, orthopaedic braces, support products, medical shoes and diabetic shoes.

Connexicon Medical Ltd specializes in the manufacturing of Topical Tissue Adhesives and Sealants for Topical and Internal applications.

DJO Surgical provides high-end, patient focused solutions for Total Joint Arthroplasty. I.e. knee, shoulder and hip.

BIORETEC Ltd. Specialized for BIOABSORBABLE Implants and accessories for Orthopedics. Bioretec develops and produces globally innovative bio-absorbable products and surgical solutions for better patient outcome, user friendliness and cost-efficiency in clinical area.

Bioretec Activa Implants have been used in 35 different countries worldwide with excellent track record.

Integra Lifesciences is a world leader in medical technology, dedicated to limiting uncertainty for surgeons, so they can concentrate on providing the best patient care. Integra offers innovative solutions in orthopaedic extremity surgery, neurosurgery, spine surgery, and reconstructive and general surgery.

Medxpert manufactures instruments and implants for specific types of thoracic surgery i.e. Pectus Excavatum, Pectus Carniatum and chest wall trauma etc.

Parcus Medical LLC is aligned with orthopaedic surgeons and health care facilities that need sports medicine products. With decades of experience in manufacturing and design to guide them. They now offer over 300 products that are made in our Sarasota, Florida.

SeaSpine is a spinoff of Integra LifeSciences dealing in Spine surgery, instruments, implants and human bone grafts.

G+N provides innovative medical products in anti-embolism stockings, Sports support socks and DVT prevention products in rehabilitation and disability care segments.

Meden manufactures high-quality medical and rehabilitation equipment as well as wellness centers equipment. 

Össur has wide-ranging expertise in the development, production, and sale of non-invasive orthopaedics. World Economic Forum recognized Ossur as "Technology Pioneer"

Schein Orthopedic is a reputed and old company, a manufacturer of Rehabilitation machinery, materials, tools, measuring systems, shoes and Insoles etc. Schein has expertise in establishing rehabilitation workshops to establish local orthopedic support production.

Ain Medicare is a leading Malaysian manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, ranging from large volume parenteral, small volume parenteral, irrigation solutions, haemodialysis concentrates and peritoneal dialysis solutions.

Sirmaxo presenting “Sanidex OPA” which is fast acting high level instruments disinfectant for reprocessing thermos-table and thermo-labile instruments like rigid and flexible endoscopes, laparoscopes, bronchoscopes and dental instruments.

Gulf Inject L.L.C

Gulf Inject LLC manufactures world-class IV fluids in technical collaboration with Fresenius AG, Germany. It uses modern technologies to provide safe and aseptic products.

After a worldwide merger between pharmaceutical giant Glaxo International and Burroughs Welcome in 1996, a group of foreign and local investors acquired ex-PT.Burroughs Wellcome manufacturing plant in Indonesia and established Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratories.

PLOLIFARMA produces parenteral solutions in Turkey’s most comprehensive and modern production facility using equipment of advanced technology. POLIFARMA caters the basic needs of human and health institutions in the parenteral solution production sector.

YSP has expertise and capability in the production of generic medicine in gel, capsule, tablet, suppository, cream, syrup, suspension and powder dosage form. These include therapeutic group of antibiotics, antifungals, antacids, anti-diabetics, anti-platelets, antivirals, injectables and eye drops.

AMYRA develops lasting BEAUTY CONCEPTS for the International Market in cooperation with leading researchers and dermatologists in GERMANY. AMYRA has a long standing experience in the field of light therapy. And has taken up and advanced the considerable significance of good light in treating skin.

SICL is one of the largest cosmetics business firm in Korea. SICL is a manufacturer and specialized in facial, hand and foot masks. Facial masks are loaded with hydrating ingredients and powerful antioxidants which leave the skin feeling soft and plump after single use.


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